CLEVELAND + AKRON Premium Full Staging & Virtual Staging Services 

VIRTUAL STAGING - Cleveland + Akron

Need your vacant home staged but you're on a budget? No problem! We now offer virtual staging to fit your budget. See our amazing before and afters below... 

  • $50 per image (+$10/revision requests per image)

  • Chose your style of decorating from styles on the right

  • Pick colors, details, and even provide a photo sample of what decor you like!



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What's this fabulous virtual staging for?
This will be style for entire project (SEE SAMPLES ON TOP OF PAGE)
$50/image for virtual staging (Included - furniture, decor, wall art, curtains, appliances, anything that could be brought into a room. Revisions are additional. Removal of ANY item, changing of existing items (flooring, fixtures, etc.) is additional.)
Is there any special color theme you'd like used throughout the project? (additionally you can list them with EACH room below)
(EXAMPLE: "FILE # 1234" - "living room" - "needs couch, chairs, area rug, lamps" OR "leave up to experts". *Additionally you can request further editing like "FILE #1234"- "remove the unfinished light plates and stickers from windows" which will be added to your bill)
Please leave any special notes or instructions here. Additionally, if you want to send reference photos for the project you can email them to
I understand that payment in full is required for this project before Liza Sue Productions will begin virtually staging. I understand that it's my job to clearly communicate my expectations for each room prior to beginning the process, using photos if I'd like, and that any revisions requests are an additional cost.




We offer full staging services to the greater Cleveland and Akron areas! See our portfolio above to see how our staging and photo services combined can make your home AMAZING. Read some staging stats below to see why staging your home in the Cleveland and Akron market will help you sell your property faster and for more money:

  • According to the National Association of Realtors, for every $100 invested in staging, the potential return is $400

  • A staged home will sell for 17% more on average than a non-staged home

  • 95% of staged homes sell in 11 days or less. That is statistically 87% faster than non-staged homes

  • 28% of buyers say that they are willing to "overlook property faults" when the home is staged

We'd love to give you a FREE STAGING CONSULTATION to help show you how to sell your listing fast! 



If you're looking for something simpler we also we offer basic staging consultations starting at $125 for the first 90 minutes. These basic staging consultations include a room-by-room consultation emailed to client after the meeting. This list contains easy and affordable ideas of what owners can do on their own to change the look of the house on a budget along with a Pinterest inspiration board. Practical and affordable advice on updating simple things like - paint color, simple decor and furniture updates and rearrangements, affordable fixture and lighting updates, organizations tips and more!

We start by walking through your space with you andtaking notes. Our budget-minded designers with highly intuitive, artistic minds come up with creative solutions on the spot to save you from spending $1,000s on unnecessary updates. We focus on the design factors that will get you a ROI, instead of wasting time and money on updates that won't bring you anything back. This is an invaluable service for both sellers and agents, starting at only $125! After the consultation, you can always ask follow up questions when picking out flooring, decor and furniture. Our designers are also available at an additional hourly rate to shop for you and come back to do the actually re-staging and design!


  • Thorough, room-by-room consultation for staging that sells. Detailed room-by-room list of consultation is provided after consult along with a Pinterest board that includes product links/ideas to items discussed.

    • $125+ ( for first 90 minutes ) $1/ minute afterward first 90 minutes

    • To read our FREE secrets on 15 tips to selling your house fast click here

    • NOTE: Some of the below examples cost ZERO DOLLARS, rooms were simply rearranged and items from around the house repositioned/reorganized - the before/afters are amazing!

HELPFUL STAGING BLOG ARTICLE - For clients before the photographer arrives

Read our very helpful blog article on 15 Tips to Sell Your House Fast Here. ( Feel free to share this unbranded link with all your clients before the photographer comes out! ) Sometimes it can be challenging for agents to discuss out-dated decor that glares negatively at home-buyers in the MLS photos. Don't worry - we can help! This article will prepare you sellers with basic, easy and mostly free tips and ideas on how to maximize the space, design and feel of the home with easy staging tips! Have a house that really needs help? We'd love to offer our Premium Full Service or Basic Staging Packages above and help you get the listing ready. As professionals, we'll delicately and politely explain the financial benefits and ROI our different staging services can bring them. More money in their pockets equals happy clients and provides a win-win experience for everyone!

See the dramatic BEFORE/ AFTER photos below from one Seller who read the above article and re-listed their home using our photographers! Prior to our marketing their home sat on the market for over 6 months. After we re-marketed the property, it sold for over asking price in 3 days! Contact us today to help you sell your listing FAST and for MORE MONEY!