We are always looking to team up with talented people who have a passion for photography and all things creative! Our team is comprised of positive, high-minded, creative, hard working people with a sense of style. While we all have natural creative talents, our team members are hungry to learn more techniques and constantly develop their skill sets to tackle more complex and larger projects. If you’re a creative person with great energy and open-mind to expanding your talents you might just be the right fit. We always work with a win-win, abundance mentality, integrity-driven, fun & collaborative team, and serve our valued clients with the highest level of care. If this sounds like you - apply below!


Real Estate Photographer - part time, contractor

ESTIMATED SHOOTS PER WEEK: 1-10 after training complete

ESTIMATED TRAINING PERIOD: 2-4+ weeks, depends on learning speed, prior experience, equipment candidate owns, amount of time invested in self-training (we will provide some FREE training resources for top candidates that can be completed on own time) TRAINING IS UNPAID - in our industry we are offered money to teach people photography - this will be considered a FREE course in mastering Real Estate Photography (please note: non-compete forms are required to be signed)

PAY: Depends on skill level, how fast team member learns, how motivated and team members initiative, we give periodic pay raises as skill levels progress.

JOB DESCRIPTION: Our photographer’s initial job will be to shadow our head real estate photographer on property shoots and learn about how to stage & compose a photo; lighting, exposure and camera gear techniques, how to post process - catalog & edit - the images, and delivery to client. We do not pay during training sessions - we only pay photographers when they are ready to shoot jobs on their own. We consider the training a free bonus to learn techniques from the best in the business. We offer higher pay and more commercial and luxury jobs as the photographer’s skills grow. Our ideal candidate be ambitious to learn and master small projects with a desire to continuously learn more advanced techniques and work on more creative projects. 


Bonus (but not required to be considered for the position):

  • Experience & skills with Adobe Photoshop editing and Lightroom cataloging

  • Experience with DSLR cameras, lenses and flashes 

  • Customer service experience

Other future Photo opportunities include:

  • Headshots

  • Product photography

  • Drone photography

  • Videography

  • Family, children, engagement sessions

  • Senior portraits

  • Fashion & editorial shoots

  • Boudoir & pinup photography (female applicants)

Miscellaneous future opportunities:

  • Hair & makeup

  • Styling eardrobe & sets

  • Staging and interior design

  • Social Media content productions & Account Management

  • Simple Web design with user friendly platforms like Squarespace

  • Graphic Design & Marketing

  • SEO & Tech jobs

  • Administrative & miscellaneous work


Primary Photo Jobs include (after training is complete):

  • Photographing Realtor Listings

  • National Builder staged models and vacant homes

  • Furniture and details

  • Luxury properties and architecture

  • Commercial Spaces

  • (Opportunity - to do all photography & services listed on this site)

Equipment required for the position: (we will guide hired photographers on where to buy used gear that’s more affordable & in some cases lend equipment) 

  • Laptop, preferably Macbook, with Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop subscription

  • (ideally) DSLR (Canon preferable) camera Canon 6D or better

  • Wide angle lens 17-40mm

  • Flash

  • Tripod

Ideal candidates will have:

  • Serious passion for capturing beauty through photography

  • Interest in interior design, architecture, spaces and real estate

  • Positive attitude & great energy

  • Eye for composition & style

  • Strong work ethics

  • Attention to detail

  • Fast learner

  • Ambitions & self-motivated

  • Time to invest in training

  • Exceptional communication skills

  • Flexibility in Schedule

  • Intentions to stay in the Greater Cleveland area for the foreseeable future

  • Friendly, Professional & Well-groomed

  • An authentic person who invests time into their passions & dreams


*Applicants must submit APPLICATION BELOW and send portfolio worthy shots to if applicant does not have a website.

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(If you don't have an online portfolio - please EMAIL portfolio photos that you've taken to - even if they're not real estate related so we can see your sense of composition and creativity)