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Don't think you need Social Media business pages, a relevant website & SEO? Think again! When you go to the grocery store what is everyone in line doing? They're on their phones - doing one of the following using a social media platform (like Facebook or Instagram), Google, email, text, on a call or browsing the web. And ALL of those platforms are collecting data about each user - whether they're looking to buy a new car, the best real estate photographer, remodeling their bathroom, looking to buy a home, having a baby, getting married or researching landscapers - the phone is collecting data on these users - it's even listening to your conversations to collect voice data on what's going on in your life so it knows what products and services to put in front of you. A little scary, we know! So even if you're not actually on your cell phone or computer - it's just on and near you it's collecting information about you.


The top most successful business are now using target marketing to show up subtly in ads on potential clients phones and devices, since it's so easy to target a client who will need their services or products in the near future. Most of the time, we don't even realize we're seeing ads because they're so incredibly relevant to what's going on in our life. That's why social media marketing is so powerful. We are actually looking for and interested in the products being shown to us on our phones - so we're likely to click on it, like it, comment and ultimately purchase it.

The entire internet is a large machine collecting key words and data and using this powerful technology to spit relevant business products and services back at us. But only IF we business owners have taken the time to set up our social media accounts, manage them regularly with relevant hash tagged, key worded, interesting content, and set up an SEO, consistent web presence. Those business who have - will be receiving the business and the rest will be left behind. 

So what the heck is SEO? And WHY does it matter?

  Hey that's us! Guess we're pretty good at this SEO stuff! #best Social Media Marketing Company Cleveland + akron

Hey that's us! Guess we're pretty good at this SEO stuff! #best Social Media Marketing Company Cleveland + akron

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - What the heck is it? To answer the question most simply, think about what you do anytime you want to buy something or find out information - YOU GOOGLE IT! Google is a "Search Engine", but how does google actually work? Google is literally a large digital data base. It searches the words you typed into the search box. It's that simple. Where does it find the matching words? Pretend you're looking for a great real estate photographer in Cleveland. Now imagine there's a real estate photographer who has an active Facebook page, Instagram account, Yelp page, Google Business and Website that all say consistently over and over, "real estate photographer in Cleveland" and they have good reviews - THAT WILL BE THE BUSINESS THAT SHOWS UP FIRST ON GOOGLE FOR FREE & IS CONTACTED!  They will literally own the market and the rest will be left in the dust. Those key words and phrases will be put into the largest digital data base called the Internet - and Google will say - this is relevant  and put it on the first page (after the paid ads/aps of course)... See what happened when we typed that in on Google here - Oh look there's our web page! I guess we're pretty good at this SEO stuff! 

Even if a business just started 6 months ago, it will show up before it's competitor who has been in business 20 years if that competitor has NO web presence. All of this key wording and online marketing takes time and consistency to manage - that's where we come in. We can manage your social media accounts, SEO and web presence for you. Educate yourself with these relevant social media facts and check out our Services & Prices below to see how we can get you in front of 1,000s of relevant potential clients!



best social media marketing company cleveland + akron
  • There are 700 million mobile facebook users every day. 
  • 85% of Facebook clients are more likely to buy a product after viewing a video.
  • Video posts have 135% greater organic (organic means you don't pay to boost the ad) reach.
  • 47% of Millennials are purchasing decisions are influence by social media. 
  • 71% of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others.
  • You can easily cross post your content on BOTH Instagram and Facebook and double your reach



  • 80% of Instagram accounts follow businesses
  • 70% of companies use Instagram
  • 60% of users say they've learned about a product or service from Instagram
  • You can easily cross post your content on BOTH Instagram and Facebook and double your reach


From the best social media marketing company in Cleveland + Akron

(Do you know why we just wrote that in our title? If not go back & read "So what the heck is SEO?")

best cleveland + akron social media marketing company

On top of consulting, market plans, account set-up and monthly management, we offer a full range of customized video & still-photo posts specifically aimed at your target market. While most social media marketing companies provide generic, cross-posted videos, our company customizes each and every social media posts, like optimized videos, that provide your potential customers valuable, local, relevant and current information. We offer specific product knowledge, local & relevant information, and current facts about your market. With this customized, premium social media marketing service, you will reach more potential clients with your marketing campaign than your competitors. And you'll never embarrassingly find the identical post on your competitors Facebook page like you will with the mass produced posts that most social media marketing companies offer. 

We schedule out your custom posts at peek user times - including specific days and hours, to obtain maximum target audience reach. We can even help you define target markets and boost your posts for you! Don't know how to set up an account? We can help you with that too!

Our packages are always customized to meet your needs and budget. Please contact us today for a FREE consultation. Let us know what your budget and goals are and we'll give you a free consultation with package options to meet your needs. 


Don't want to bother with all the setup hassle or don't know where to begin? We do! Let us help you effectively set up your Facebook, Instagram, Google Business, Yelp, LinkedIN, YouTube, Wordpress (for Bloggers) and more! To get started with a FREE consultation, fill out the form below with your business information and we'll be in touch!



Have content but don't want to worry about posting it, responding to comments, inviting people to like your page, using hashtags, boosting posts and creating target markets? We would love to help! Whatever you want, we can customize and cross post. We'll create the best marketing plan to achieve what your business goals are! Fill out the form below to get started and we'll be in touch!

Don't even want the hassle of building your own content? Keep Reading...


We love creating simple, effective target-market videos & posts that provide relevant & valuable information to your clients and posting them for you!  We can work with your vision or help you create the content from scratch. Your level of involvement is totally up to you! Each post is original and unique made specially for your business - you won't see the same post on your competitors Facebook page like some other mass producing social media marketers do. They're each custom created just for your company. 


  • $100 - 7 original video posts scheduled to automatically post during peak times (posts about 2 a week) 
  • $200 - 15 original video posts scheduled to automatically post during peak times (posts about every other day)
  • $400 - 30 original video posts scheduled to automatically post during peak times (post every day)

(Still Photo Content is a catchy, copy-right free stock photo with a mix of verbiage/ facts/ links/ articles relevant to your business & market, market or product posted to your account)

  • $50 - 7 original photo posts scheduled to automatically post during peak times (about 2 a week) 
  • $100 - 15 original photo posts scheduled to automatically post during peak times (about every other day)
  • $200 - 30 original photo posts scheduled to automatically post during peak times (post every day)

*These services do not include account managing, revisions to any posts, boosting posts, photography services, or account set up. We always encourage previewing your scheduled posts and providing feedback so we can constantly tailor your posts to match your vision, although revisions are additional.

Want to get more information and have a free consultation about us creating original content for your business? Fill out the form below and we'll be in touch!



Not sure where to begin? We are! We can give you a detailed list of what you need to do to have your business appear on the first page of Google in months (in most cases)! Which delivers you FREE relevant leads which equals money in your pocket. We'll explain how to (or do whatever you don't want to!) set up a website, social media accounts, SEO tips and tricks the top companies use and how to stand out from your competitors. We can explain how to set up your business to effectively generate natural Google leads within months! We'll explain what the heck SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means, why Social Media & web presence is important and how to integrate the two to get results for your business and more money in your pocket. 


We offer simple, basic, beautiful web-design with Squarespace platforms. With years as a graphic designer, our head designer and founder Liza Sue will create something visually appealing and more importantly Search Engine Optimized, filled with relevant keywords to get you to show up on Google! (Note that it takes time, consistency and a dedication to multiple social media platforms to appear on the first page of Google. If your ultimate goal is being on the first page of Google - you may consider having us manage your entire online presence or hiring us for consulting to teach you the basics!) We do not offer web design management at this time, however we're happy to do the set up - the right way and give you a gorgeous website ready to use! We're also experts at picking out amazing website names that help tremendously with SEO.

Ready to start the process? After your free consultation, we'll need you to fill out this form before beginning the website:



Need great photography to market your brand and company on Social Media, your website and online presence - we're the experts in all things photography in the Cleveland + Akron area! We'd love to work with your vision and give you our professional opinion and advice on how to visually create the brand you've always dreamt of. Contact us today to get started!

CUSTOM VIDEOS (samples from Car Dealership)

CUSTOM PHOTOGRAPHY (samples from Auto Body Shop)

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