“The Streets of Campeche”

Campeche, a warm Yucatan Peninsula coastal city, is incredibly beautiful comprised of impressive Colonial Spanish Architecture and doorways, incredibly friendly locals, delicious Mexican cuisine and sunshine! The streets are lined with the most beautiful color palettes, local artisans, grand doorways and cathedrals with impressive towers. Capturing amazing photos will be easy with your guides Liza and Jason - as they’ll lead you through the beautiful, friendly streets with endless photo opportunities. Your highly skilled guides will teach you the photography tricks that help create amazing images including: composition, color, placement of people, posing people, using natural light, basic DSLR camera (and camera phone) techniques and post processing and editing skills. You will have critique sessions where you can share your work and get invaluable feedback and guidance on how to process and select the best images. By the time you leave you can expect to have the most incredible vacation pictures of yourself, the culture and streets of Campeche!

DESTINATION - Campeche, Mexico in the beautiful Yucatan Peninsula

PHOTO TOUR DATES - (will be in the winter months) 2019/ 2020 TBA

COST - TBA Will be per person - double occupancy will receive a slight discount (DOES NOT include Airfare, Food/Drink, Admission fees to parks, museums, temples - which is incredibly affordable - about half the price of America)

TARGET SIZE 4-8 people is the target size, limited spaces will be available - submit your contact below if you’d like to be on our first invite list.

INCLUDES - Daily Photo Instructing, Lodging, Travel Itinerary, Transportation around the city

GEAR YOU SHOULD BRING - 1 camera body, 50mm (low f-stop) lens, wider angle lens, batteries, chargers, fast working laptop with Adobe Lightroom/ Photoshop subscription installed, small tripod (optional), great phone camera is also helpful


  • Stunning Streets

  • Beautiful Door ways

  • Amazing Architecture

  • People (including tour participants)

  • General culture and experience of the amazing city Campeche!

SKILL LEVEL NEEDED - Beginners are welcome! (Although we do recommend you have a good basic working knowledge of your camera gear - as this tour is focused on composing great photos vs technical skills)

WHAT TO PACK - Because the gear is so heavy, and space in vehicles is limited, we recommend going back-pack style and bringing only 3-4 comfortable/ small/ breathable outfits, 1 bathing suit, 1 pair of comfortable sandles, 1 pair of comfortable sneakers, only basic necessities for hygiene. (complete pack lists will be provided)

Can I bring luggage? We actually recommend you experience the beautiful simplicity of traveling with the group with only the necessities. Our transportation will not fit large suitcases for all guests. Your guides will bring only a backpack each and half of that will be filled with photography gear.

Is Campeche’s culture different? Yes, it’s very bright, friendly, laid-back and much more humble than the United States. People seem to have less stuff and a more simple way of life, but all the necessary amenities are available. It’s very inspiring to experience their culture and friendliness towards tourists. Bathrooms are more of a commodity (you cannot throw toilet paper in the toilet ANYWHERE in Campeche - but in the waste basket nearby). Spanish is the first language - although many places have English speaking people also.

Is Campeche safe? Contrary to what some people believe about their safety in Mexico, Campeche is an incredibly friendly and is actually the safest state in Mexico. Most of the locals just stop and smile and wait for you take photos when you’re doing street photography there - they are proud of their city and seem to love that tourists are enjoying it through visiting and photography. Our guides said they feel safer in Campeche than they do in Cleveland. Although they are always safe and take precautions in not leaving valuables lying around.

Is the water safe to drink? We will only drink filtered water. Even the locals don’t drink from the tap, unless it’s filtered, so clean water is abundantly provided for consuming. To be safe, we recommend using bottled water for brushing your teeth.

What are the amenities like? The amenities in the Yucatan are more humble than what the US offers, although we will be staying in higher-end lodging.

INTERESTED? Submit your information to be on our FIRST PRIVATE INVITE LIST when dates/ prices are announced - only limited spaces are available.

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