Sarah Swarthout - Private Pinup Shoot

Time and Date - Wednesday 5/3/2017 at 3pm (Dress up, Photoshoot & fun will be approximately 2-4 hours)

Photoshoot - $195Deposit is $100 (non-refundable) SEE BELOW }
Hair/makeup - $49
TOTAL $244.00
(optional outfit rentals day off - $20)
(optional additional airbrushed edits - $49 per image)

Photoshoot includes the following:

- Complimentary Cocktails are always offered during photoshoots! 
- White, plain backdrop (your choice of color will be added during editing) and professional lights that make you look like super model!
- 2 outfit changes (additional outfits are $25 for 20+ more photos)
- 20+ Unedited Digital Photos to Keep and use as you like
- 2 professionally airbrushed edits of your choice and background color (Additional airbrushed edits are always available for $49 per image)
- Professional pose coaching & female photographer - this invaluable service ensures you get the exact pinup look - without any prior skill on your part. We will direct your every move, right down to how to point your toes!
- Access to all of our vintage props

Basic Makeup/Hair - You just come with a clean moisturized face and bring your concealer and foundation - we do the rest including eyeliner wings, eyebrow penciling, contour/highlight, blush and lipstick (if you provide false lashes and glue we will apply). Also, please ensure your hair is clean and dry upon arrival. We recommend making plans afterwards, as your going to be looking mighty fabulous!


Location - Premier Boudoir Home Studio - 3339 Fox Run Dr, Richfield, Ohio


We recommend buying yourself some sexy thigh-highs if you'd like them in the photo as we don't rent them out due to the delicate nature of nylon.

We ask that you bring a strapless bra - it tends to come in handy, and wear neutral (skin colored) underwear to wear under the outfits for sanitary reasons.

We also ask you to wear CLEAR deodorant to protect these fabulous clothes, we so appreciate it!

Please leave at least 3 days between the photoshoot and WAXING or FACIALS - as they can make you red and swollen.

Questions - Liza Studebaker,, 440-665-9852


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