PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY - Cleveland + Akron - Looking to sell your products with high-end marketing photos and materials? We can help! We are proud to offer amazing, creative product photography to help you sell your brand. Product photography includes, but is not limited to - Food, Restaurants, furniture, decor, beverages, beauty and bath products/ makeup, electronics, hand-made crafts, purses, jewelry, fashion, and so much more! We can also photograph your space and associate headshots. It’s one stop shopping with our award winning photography and team of the best, creative, most trained photographers in the Cleveland and Akron Ohio area!

MEET OUR HEAD PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHER - The amazing, talented - Jacob Mollohan!




With a BFA in Photography from The University of Akron, Jacob Mollohan developed his love for photography and pursued a professional career in the industry. His initial studies included a background in Graphic Design and ultimately helps him shape each photo into a strong design - enhancing his product and architectural photo compositions for images that wow! His personality makes him a delight for our clients as he’s incredibly personable, dedicated, understanding, articulate, empathic, professional, friendly, punctual, talented, detail-oriented and passionate about his clients and work.

Jacob has been commissioned to make work for Crafty Mart, Art Bomb Brigade, Highland Square PorchRokr, and the U.S. Army. The U.S. Army continues to use work he created while enlisted – earning him an Army Achievement Medal. He participated in several exhibitions including the 81st, 82nd, and 83rd Annual Juried Student Exhibition at The Emily Davis Gallery. He has also participated in the 29th AoRC Annual Juried Exhibition, and 419 Square Miles of Summit County Juried Exhibition at Summit Artspace, where he achieved an award for one of his photographs. Summit Artspace invited him to sit on a panel to discuss his work.

We are proud to have Jacob as our head product photographer, along with his amazing skills in real estate and architectural photography.


Contact our team for a FREE consultation. We want to know your vision for your company and products so we can best meet your needs. We are a team of highly skilled marketing professionals and creative image makers - we’ll help you brainstorms ideas for your shoot that will result in high-impact images sell your product and brand your company. We can also offer help with online social media marketing, branding, headshots and photographing your company’s space!

Why chose Liza Sue Productions for your product photography?

Liza Sue Productions is a full-service photo studio who only hires the most talented team of innovative, creative, personable, say-do, detail-oriented artists and photographers in the Cleveland and Akron Ohio area and believes that creating premium marketing materials is essential to a company’s success and should be a fun and easy process. We work with the highest level of integrity with all of our clients and projects and produce award-winning images with 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. We always over-communicate, are punctual, professional and believe in wowing our clients. We only work with a team who is genuinely passionate about creating amazing imagery! We understand marketing and branding and love supporting our awesome clients dreams and visions - all while adding our creative solutions and support to achieve them. Read our endless amazing 5/5 reviews online to hear what others are saying about our highly creative team.

Also, why not chose one-stop-shopping for your company? When you find a company who delivers what you’re looking for at a reasonable rate, with exceptions service - you’ll want more! We can brand your company from conception and business coaching to logos, to social media marketing, company promo videos, to headshots, to space, environment and product photography - all in one place! Want an entire price quote for marketing or launching your company - contact us today.

What is Product Photography?

Product photography is a type of photography that accurately and attractively represents a product in advertising and entices potential buyers to purchase specific products. When product photography is done well it can increase business and help drive clients to purchasing your product making it an essential part of both online and offline advertising. Product photography can be used in catalogues, brochures, magazine ads, billboards, online ads, social media and company websites. Lighting, backgrounds, post-processing, equipment, an understanding in the company’s branding goals and the photographers skills all play a vital role in successful product photography.

Why is product photography important?

In todays online-driven consumerism, product photography is everything! Consumers buy products based on 2 things - the image of the product and the reviews. If a potential client sees your competitors product showcased in a better light, theyll likely be enticed to buy that product over yours, which ultimately can hurt your company’s bottom dollar. Todays social media heavy consumerism is driven by how something looks - let us help you market your products in an amazing, attractive way that will help you increase profits and build a brand for yourself!

What equipment is needed for product photography?

Each company and product is photographed in a unique way to deliver the highest impact in persuading potential clients to purchase the product. This requires different backgrounds, backdrops, lighting boxes, lights, lenses, cameras, filters, tables, styling, props and sometimes even models. We’re here to help you put together a marketing plan before your shoot to ensure your product is showcased in best way to maximize profits and make your product stand out accurately and attractively.

How long do I have to wait to get my photos back?

While each product photoshoot is unique in it’s turn around time, we always try to deliver photos back within 2-3 weeks. Some exceptions apply including post-processing time. We often offer rushes, in some cases even next day, for an additional fee. Contact us today to get the most accurate turn-around time quoted!

How much does a product photoshoot cost?

Our shoots start at $195 and up. Every product photoshoot has it’s own unique set of goals and quantity of products that need photographed. Maybe you just need 1 product photographed or perhaps 50, 100 or even more! Depending on the quantity and final end-goal we will come up with the most accurate price quote after a free consultation with our team. Contact us today to get the process started!