Nurenberg Paris Headshots and Photoshoot - Deposit

Headshots and Group Photoshoots for Nurenberg Paris

Total $3,000

Non-refundable deposit due 10/3/2016 - $1,000 (add to cart to pay)

Balance $2,000 due 10/10/2016

This photoshoot includes up to 50 head shots and 5 group shots photographed on the following days - 10/10/2016 and 10/13/2016. All final edited photographs will be provided digitally via dropbox by 11/13/2016. This fee includes Photoshopping one lawyer, who is not available for the 10/10/2016 shoot, into one of the group photos, if he is available on 10/13/2016 to repose for the missing shot. 

Any additional head shots, Photoshopping, editing, or photography not listed here will be billed separately at $90 per hour.

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