Liza has helped me more then she’ll ever know. She’s helped me get over a relationship I was holding onto, but more importantly she helped me learn my self worth and grow into the strong soul I never knew I had…She is so kind, amazing and intuitive…She rocks and I thank her for always helping and inspiring me.
— Sara S.
Liza have given me back the self esteem I struggled with for so long, and I could never repay her for such a gift...She’s seriously magical and I can’t thank her enough for everything!
— Vicky D.

Maybe life doesn’t have to be difficult. What if you didn’t spend your days worrying and struggling, whether that be with money, career, health, relationships, self-image, confidence or finding your life’s purpose?  You have the power to overcome all of these struggles and lead the life you want and deserve.

We all carry with us limiting beliefs that can block our potential.  These limiting beliefs lurk within our unconscious [subconscious] quietly controlling everything we do.  Luckily we have the power to reprogram ourselves in order to break free from the things that hold us back and stop us from realizing our true authentic selves.  You can live the life you want and deserve. You have a song to sing that the world needs to hear. You deserve love and self-love. You deserve prosperity and happiness.  These things are already yours but you may need help to access them.

My name is Liza and I am a life empowerment coach.  I can help you to identify and remove the blocks in your life that prevent you from being your truly authentic and awesome self.  


"Each journey starts with a first step" - Lao Tzu

As a coach the most important thing I do is listen to you with empathy, understanding and love.  We speak honestly and get to the heart of your issues. Often our perceived problems are symptoms of other bigger issues and we look at your life holistically.  If you have the courage to be vulnerable and honest, we can identify the problem and then begin to solve it.

“Success is an inside job”- Wayne Dyer

Your transformation starts from the inside out. Allowing others to love you first means that you must love yourself. To achieve prosperity you must realize that you deserve it.  To find the perfect job you must first know that you are worthy and capable. I will help you to quiet the negative self-talk that limits us in all aspects of our life. If you wouldn’t speak to others like that, there is no way you should speak to yourself like that!

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act but a habit” - Aristotle

I have proven techniques that will help you to overcome your personal obstacles to become your best self.  You can reprogram your mind and realize that power that you hold in the universe. We will do this through powerful personal practices including journaling, visualizations, affirmations, meditation and self-exploration exercises.  All you need is the courage and confidence to face your fears and trust your intuition. This will set you on the road to where you need to be and be a personal compass to forever guide yourself to your greater good.


My name is Liza Studebaker and I am a (single) mom, friend, girlfriend, divorcee, serial entrepreneur, blogger and life coach.  Since I was a teenager I have been donating my time to local charities and championing the rights of others, particularly those less fortunate.  My mother was a social worker who I witnessed helping others and I always knew that eventually I would have a similar path.   

Through my own difficult times of divorce, financial struggle and facing family issues, I turned inwards to find the strength and self-love to get me through.  I discovered inspiring figures including Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer and Abraham Hicks who opened the door to greater self-awareness, self-confidence and the path to the life I know that I truly deserve.  

My dedication to loving others and helping them realize their fullest potential is the gift that my spirituality brought me towards.  I have been privileged to facilitate and observe amazing personal growth and healing. I've seen ‘hopeless’ people fall in love and build their dream careers. I've helped awaken people to toxic relationships and helped them remove them or limit their negative impact.  I've seen people have miraculous remission of chronic diseases. I believe my life’s most joyful work is to help people return to their most authentic self.

As well as private coaching sessions, I lead empowerment workshops, women’s retreats and book study groups. These take place at my love-filled home studio in Richfield, Ohio. I am also a professional photographer, realtor, designer and stager. I am the mom of two beautiful children aged 4 and 6.

Follow me on my blog at where I have many other useful self-help resources.  Check out and for other services.  

From the affirmations to the meditations we’ve done together, it is truly a blessing to have been given guidance from Liza. I give gratitude everyday for the spiritual journey she has pointed me towards!
— Jason J.


FREE - First phone consultation (up to 30 minutes)

$50 - One 60 minute session 

$175 - Four 60 minute sessions

$950 - 4 sessions per month for 6 months + weekly touch base


“Liza has literally changed my life. I can’t thank her or explain enough. She is an amazing person, I’m lucky to be in her presence.”

— Ashley F.

Liza has given me back the confidence that I had lost in myself. I am telling everyone I know about Liza. She’s is an absolute sweetheart...She’s simply the best!!
— Victoria G.
I have tried to write this testimonial so many times but I always erase it. It’s really hard for me to put into a paragraph how much of an impact Liza has had on my life. Liza is a constant source of light for my life. Liza came into my life when it was so dark and dim and she inspired me to live again. She believed that anything was possible for my life. I watched her have a drive and a passion to live her own dreams and that was the encouragement that I needed. It’s as if she waved at me and said “come with me, it’s no fun where you are anyway”, and that’s how my life has been ever since. I followed her glow out of the darkness and she taught me to dance like no one was watching (literally), she inspired me to tell my story, she encouraged me to let go of what pained my heart, she loved me so much exactly where I was that I began to love myself, and that was the key I had to love myself. There are moments in life where you will remember a before and an after. There is my life before Liza, and there is my life after Liza, that’s how monumental she has been. When I look back on my journey after meeting Liza I had to do the work, but there is no doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t have found the tools, the resources, or the strength to find my way without her. I am so grateful to the universe for hearing my call for light and sending a beautiful angel into my life. Liza Studebaker.
— Miranda S.
Conversations with Liza are inspiring, motivational and uplifting. Everything we talk about is positive and upbeat which then translates into a better and more thought provoking day. She’s amazing.
— Rich G.
Liza is an inspirational figure in how to be a better person. She is passionate about helping others and unrelenting in her commitment and patience, Liza always comes from a positive abundant place and finds a way to bring you there too. And yet with all of this boundless spiritual energy - she is still a down-to-earth woman who pushes through the same tribulations we all do but shares those stories and experiences to light the way for others. Life is better with Liza in it.
— Michelle N.